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mat fyz has you
..matfyz has you

be my guest dear wanderer whoever you are. many links it took to come so far. may daemons be with you not to be cut off the wire. hope few letters forth you stay or get higher.

my gpg [public key].

notice: i allways update this site 'on-line'. this means that it may happen that you are actualy looking at the site and it is being changed somehow. you can even sometimes see some unfinished partial updates that are online for a while and then the site is updated again. so please be patient if you notice anything strange :-)

recent updates:

2004-05-23 i've just started using gpg. my [public key] is available for download from this website.
2004-04-28 this (title-)page updated
2004-02-16 [photos] section updated.
2003-11-20 [cv] and [mt] updated, minor internal navigation menu bugfixes
2003-10-08 [photos] section now links recent photogalery of our lisboa stay
2003-10-08 okay, we have now two-level navigation menus. enjoy :-)
2003-10-07 [links] section updated
2003-09-29 some recent [poetry] added
2003-06-11 master's_thesis hp now available

old updates listings were not trashed, if you want have a closer look on the past evolution of this page, feel free to check the [upadates archive] out.

last update: 2008-03-14

so fucking what?

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