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four poems about love or the blast from the past

[Are You Under?]
[Instant Review]
[You And I]
[Body Urge]

short flashes that i've put onto paper during our funart sessions at istrocon 2003. hot stuff, no revisions. actualy, quixote (the jedi) a friend of mine asked me to put them here. enjoy :-)

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# date: 1998-03-01
# comment: definitely, the perfect expression of the falling in love for the first time confusion
  Are You Under?

  I like it like it is
  Just gimme it like it is
  All the things like they are
  I like You the way You are
  I like You

  Time is running faster
  Since I have found out
  That something strange happens
  But I'm happy all inside
  I feel good

  Sometimes it's so cold
  But better when it's hot
  I wonder if You know
  'Bout all of the feelings
  I hope so

  I want it like it is
  Just gimme it like it is
  All the things like they are
  I want You the way You are
  I want You

  You said You're under
  So where You realy are?
  I just wanna know it
  'Cause I realy want to find
  The face of You

  But do I realy need You?
  Do I need the heat?
  Seems like impossible to stop it
  Once You've given it
  And we both have

  I love it like it is
  Just gimme it like it is
  All the things like they are
  I love You the way You are
  Just You

# date: 1998-08-04
# comment: the same relationship, oppositely at the time of falling apart. what is special on this piece, it stands for breaking in two phases. first two strophes come from the difficult times of 'whatta hell is going on? something is wrong now...' - a hot cup of tea. the rest was written several months later, realising that life is completely different now - the recall.
  Instant Review
  You never promissed
  You haven't ever told a word to me
  But I always thought
  Your eyes wouldn't lie to me
  You were always right
  There is something between us
  Even if you seem not to care
  Anyway, who said life is fair
  As matter of fact
  You are no more around
  You left dust to set as before
  It's just me and my soul
  Nothing is same
  It's someone else in the mirror
  Nomore the one I used to know
  My view of world is now different
  Less, and more confused
  You know - at the same time
  And with each answer I reach
  Two questions are in the line
  I can feel the power of experience
  Undiscovered is always attractive
  But sometimes first immpresions are good
  And then experience causes me pain
  But who am I going to blame?

# date: 1998-09-11
# comment: connection closed by foreign host
  You and I

  Died for me
  That's the reason to cry
  Cause I wanted to live for you

  Were too ideal
  Never dreamed about
  Never believed it could be truth

  Do know now
  I will never find
  Someone who'd be like you

# date: 2000-06-08
# comment: walking the sunny afternoon i realised, whoops i lost my head again :)
  Body Urge
  What do you think will make you satisfied
  I feel fulfilled by pair of deep eyes
  Eyes they kill you when their look is sad
  Don't dice with eyes 'cause your chance is bad
  Eyes they warm you up - with smile they dance
  Eyes they comfort you, with trust go thru fence
  What would you need for best performance
  For me important in love are your hands
  Hands that hold you, don't let you sink
  Sometimes I need it when my glasses are pink
  Strong and then gentle when danger is fixed
  Warm, soft to ensure passion's not missed
  What is the reason that keeps you in hits
  I can't imagine love without lips
  Soft, wet and tender, then ruby wild
  My sweet desire, which you can't hide
  Calm me by words and heat me with smile
  Before you leave kiss me goodbye
  At least as beutiful is whole your body
  In shape and color, trust me, every curve
  But what is body without intelligence and wit
  I need your proximity as much as I nead to hear
  Your attitude, expression of your emotions
  Description of imaginations in your fantasy
  It ain't body urge it's simlpy the need of you...

  i wish you were here
  in the bra cat
  onto my paper
  with no bra
  and lot of cat

  i feel the cat
  is warm
  and furry
  it's a pitty
  it's a pitty
  if a cat is not

  in the sunshine
  beneath the three
  so why do i still
  walk past?

  soft is the path
  in the green grass
  be carefull
  not to step on flowers

  two missed calls
  where did the charge
  of my battery gone?

  fresh colour made
  your face live
  and then die again

  now i got it
  a picture of you
  right on the palm
  of my hand

#comment: dedicated to my michelle
  in your arms
  and there's nothing left to say
  there's nothing left
  (everything is just right)

so fucking what?

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