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ski or die! whatever, some photos from a faculty skiing course available. and here all 189 MB .tared. shot by kuna.

a gallery of photos from our stay in portugal at the YoYo's homepage.

so you have not been to istrocon 2002. pitty, pitty, pitty... at least you can have a look at these shots, misof took there.

guess what happens when bunch of students of computer science disagree on their favourite operating system... they start to argument... just talking together... then via mailng list... and the they decide to fight. last time this happened to me, there was a lot of snow behind the windows of our college. we decided to adjudge by snowblast. pics by lomo.

lot of fun we had at the annual matriculatory ball 2001, which is the unofficial welcome for the newbe students by the oldies at the faculty. in slovakia we call this event 'beania'. these are official pics by lomo.

so fucking what?

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