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publications, papers, reports

language acquisition. a report for cognitive science seminar, summer 2003. .ps.gz, .ps, .pdf

quo vadis world wide web? article on today's hot topic: the mess you can see everyday on the web these days. why there is this complexity? what are the main mistakes developers often do? how to avoid them? links to correct pages as positive example. negative examples in messy pages... written in slovak language only. released on blackhole.sk. [local copy]

web applications

homepage of epic net web solutions.

in my former job at adela 421 a.s. i took part in development of adela, a uniform international commercial system. i've done some dhtml, the advertisment system, data processing routines, xml conversions, ... later i have also participated on the first version of the homepage of adelalingua company. ufortunatelly these sites are no longer available via www.

my homepage. no link, huh? why? it's this page! :) perfect demonstration of my so called "sick" web design.

class homepage of our 1i2 workgroup at the faculty. winter term 1999/2000, summer term 1999/2000. i've put here these two, just in case this page wouldn't seem "sick" enough to you. just have a look :)

older stuff

clausual language. at the faculty they used to teach us mathematical logic using this cl tool. not bad, unlike lots of other students i quite liked it. here are some exercises done by myself. if you are a student of our faculty (suffering of the clausual language), they may propably help you. they may be interesting even otherwise, but without the compiler mainly useless... :( downlad: (each archive contains exercises from one term, 3 terms total) [cl1999/2000s] [cl2000/2001w] [cl2000/2001s]

formal languages and automata. the theory that everyone loves! :) we had to do few homeworks in tex. i still have one of them, have a look if you dare :) unfortunetly this is in slovak language only :( [ps] [pdf ]

i used to be addicted to the three dimensional tic tac toe game, back in the high school times. later when asked to code an app in delphi as term project tictactoe3d became reality. whatch out! it does not backtrack... i just thought the computer to play allmost as good as i can :) windoze stuff :(( but runs under linux+wine successfully.

pexeso game done i cannot remember why... maybe a homework. same requirements: windoze :( or linux+wine :) [download]

first lil' app i've coded more seriously. back at the high school as a final project for computer programming lessons. DOS telephone number database called Damn Yello Pagez v2.0. i recall i realy used this thing those times... and it seems funny today :) who'd leave his contacts in his computer in the age of cellular telephony? :) [download]

so fucking what?

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