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Janos & Korina
bunch of andorias
Zirland doing speach on andorians
gaming area
'Brlozisko' a corner of the Brloh bookstore
cute manga fella in the manga room talking about manga
misof & the frog
we've been to gallery part one: 'merylin'
we've been to gallery part two: 'lolla'
me & galathea & the frog
Mrs. Frantiska Vrbenska doing speach on real knights and their history
just few hours before the prepremire of the Resident Evil
Randalf talking about sex at the conventions
SUZA (the hosting building)
babylon5 quiz
starwars quiz
babylon5 quiz again
and agian
cool looking guy
a girl dressed like the elf
a lustre
lot of people in the room too small
Zirland, Korina, YoYo, Janos and the trekies... (ordered left to right)
balancing Potkan
having tea with Mr. Sheard (Zirland is the most righ one)
having tea with Mr. Sheard (left to right: me, the frog, Mr. Sheard, the interpreter, YoYo; Melkor - the E.Tea Room keeper - standing behind)
Mr. Sheard and the frog
Oh, look what the Elves are doing!
Mr. Sheard and some fan
Mr. Sheard and the same fan
lot of (us) fans, Mr. Sheard and the frog
one more shot together...
the elves again
and again
Harry Potter postered elevator
some guys playing some game
another bunch of guys playing something else
raffle tickets!!! put the money in the E.T.'s head...
same thing :))
Janos, Korina and the trekie...
a guy with the chain in his hand
chain and Potkan (the use case)
half of Zirland anf misof the forgbearer
istron pricegiving: look whatta tool i have to open the envelope...
istron pricegiving: the slovak Lady Fantasy - Alexandra Pavelkova
istron pricegiving: ...
istron pricegiving: Martina Pilcerova and John Franklin Howe
us with the Mr. Sheard (and the frog of course!)
Janos & Korina
the raffle keeper
Frantiska Vrbenska doing speach about preserving old books...
...and saving them after floods (photo from Prague's library, august 2002)
the old good mini...

so fucking what?

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