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2003-06-11 [links] and [work] section updated.
2002-12-14 the version 3 of this website is no more available
2002-12-14 navigation menu altered
2002-12-14 [friends] updated
2002-11-13 [links] section updated
2002-11-11 RDF metadata added
2002-10-28 photos of last year's unix against windows snowblast added.
2002-10-22 [cv] and [links] sections updated
2002-10-14 successfully moved and now hosted by realtime.sk
2002-10-10 - 2002-10-14 hosting problems
2002-10-07 [cv] updated
2002-09-23 new section [links] added. i started with links i use most often - courses i attend. useful for me, probably you will find it interesting too.
2002-09-19 photos from instrocon'2002 now with comments
2002-09-16 new section [photos] added. two events documented there for now. beania'2001 and istrocon'2002. photos by lomo and misof, thanx a lot guys. i also want to add some comments to the pictures, so stay tuned...

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