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knowledge representation, nonmonotonic reasoning, logic programming, theoretical basis, semantics:

[Gel 1994] Logic Programming and Reasoning with Incomplete Information. Michael Gelfond.

[GeL 1988] The Stable Model Semantics For Logic Programming. Michael Gelfond, Vladimir Lifschitz. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Logic Programming.

[GeL 1991] Classical Negation in Logic Programs and Disjunctive Databases. Michael Gelfond, Vladimir Lifschitz. New Generation Computing.

[Sef 2002a] Inteligencia ako vypocet [sk] (Inteligenceas as a Computtion). Iris.

lisaboa aproach, dynamic knowledge representation:

[ALP 1998] Dynamic Logic Programming. J. J. Alferes, J. A. Leite, L. M. Pereira, H. Przymusinska and T. C. Przymusinski. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.

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[LAP 2001] Multi-dimensional Dynamic Knowledge Representation. J. A. Leite, J. J. Alferes and L. M. Pereira. Procs. of the Sixth International Conference on Logic Programming. and Nonmonotonic Reasoning.

[Lei 2002] Evolving Knowledge Bases, Specifications and Semantics. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Volume 81. IOS Press.

wien approach, update sequences:

[EFS 2002] On Properties of Update Sequences Based on Causal Rejection. T. Eiter, M. Fink, G. Sabbatini, and H. Tompits. Journal of the Theory and Practice of Logic Programming.

bratislava approach, kripke strctures:

[Bal 2002] Dynamicke Kripkeho struktury pre dobre zalozenu semantiku [sk] (Dynamic Kripke Structures for well founded semantics). Martin Balaz Master Thesis, Faculty of Mathematics Physhics and Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava.

[Mar 2001] Semantic Characterisation of Dynamic Logic Programming. Eva Marenicova. Master Thesis, Faculty of Mathematics Physhics and Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava.

[Sef 1997] Dynamic Kripke Structures. Actas de la VII Conferencia Asociacion Espanola para la Inteligencia Artificial.

[Sef 2000b] A Kripkean Semantics for Dynamic Logic Programming. Jan Sefranek. Logic for Programming and Automated Reasoning.

[Sef 2002] Semantic Considerations on synamic Knowledge Bases. Jan Sefranek. report.

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